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Brooklyn Park University is dedicated to practice the best educational trends that allow the University to develop and nurture their relationship with renowned institutions and organizations worldwide. Memberships with these organizations continue to support the development and application of distance learning globally.

Council for Adult and Experiential Learning

The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) links learning and work. CAEL is a nonprofit that works at all levels within the higher education, public, and private sectors to make it easier for people to get the education and training they need.
The institute believes in the upward development of the students helping them ro attain academic success, no matter what their age. CAEL also supports adults of various backgrounds and circumstances in accessing the education they need to succeed.

What does CAEL's Membership mean to its students?

VOLUNTEERING: Work inland and overseas communities, get involved in one of CAEL- Brooklyn Park University joint collaborations, publications, events and more.

LEADERSHIP: Make a difference on the Student Representative Council, Postgraduate Council (PGC) or become an executive member representing the students

INTERNSHIPS: Gain hands-on industry experience in your field of study and get paid.

STUDENT REPRESENTATION: Get more exposure through extensive leadership opportunities and student representations worldwide.

Want to know more about CAEL?

In order to know more about the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning, please log on to its website:


Educause is a nonprofit association whose mission is "to advance higher education by promoting the intelligent use of information technology." Membership is open to institutions of higher education, corporations serving the higher education information technology market, and other related associations and organizations.

EDUCAUSE programs and services focus on analysis, advocacy, community building, professional development, and knowledge creation to support the transformative role that IT can play in higher education.

Membership is open to U.S. and international institutions of higher education, corporations serving the higher education information technology market, and other related associations and organizations.

The current membership of Educause comprises more than 2,000 colleges, universities, and educational organizations, including 200 corporations, with 16,500 active members.


NAFSA: Association of International Educators is a non-profit professional organization for professionals in all areas of international education including education abroad advising and administration, international student advising, campus internationalization.

As stated in its mission, NAFSA is committed to advance international education and exchange and global workforce development. NAFSA serves international educators and their institutions and organizations by establishing principles of good practice, providing training and professional development opportunities, providing networking opportunities, and advocating for international education.

In addition to its academic support, NAFSA also delivers participatory training opportunities to maximize your professional skill set and increase impact in international education. Advances public policies within the federal government that promote international education and supports a broad public dialogue about the value and importance of international education.

For more details, visit NAFSA website:


14 MAY 2013
Middle East HR, Workforce Development and Human Capital Conference 2013

09 JUNE 2013
International Conference on Cloud Computing and e-Governance 2013