Associate Degree in Business & Management

Associate Degree in Business & Management

The Associate Degree in Business & Management promotes identification with, and introduction to, the management profession and is designed to create understanding and skills necessary for a management career. In addition to the key business and management course work at the introductory and intermediate levels, the program covers all the critical areas of study.

By acquiring an online associate’s degree in Business & Management from the Brooklyn Park University, graduates can further specialize in the following fields to enhance their knowledge and expertise.

  • Advertising
  • Aviation Management
  • Project Management
  • Real Estate Management
  • Logistics management
  • Accounting

The program is designed for students seeking jobs in academia as well as those who wish to acquire the skills of professional academic research to work in knowledge-intensive firms, multinational companies, government agencies, financial institutions, consulting firms, international agencies.

By acquiring an associate degree in Business & Management from Brooklyn Park University, can work in public and private sectors. Employment opportunities whether entrepreneurial or managerial welcome these graduates. Specific careers include; marketing executive, human resource officer, public accountant, tax accountant, internal auditor, etc.

Brooklyn Park University offers multiple scholarships for students at the time of registration:

NOV30 Presidential Scholarship
Online Start Date
Nov 30, 2013

JULY11 Dean's Scholarship
Online Start Date
Jul 15, 2013

DEC30 General Scholarship
Online Start Date
Dec 31, 2013

We strive to provide online education at an affordable price to those who enroll with us. We have removed all cultural and geographical barriers through our education format and students around the globe find Brooklyn Park University to be an affordable way of earning an online education. We have devised financing methods and strategies for students who want to complete their degree at a faster pace than usual. In addition, our scholarship programs will enable students to further reduce the burden on their bank accounts.

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Tuition Fee Comparison

As compared to contemporary online universities, Brooklyn Park University stands
out for providing a fee structure that is affordable and helps its students to avoid funds
and student loans.

Scholarships and Grants
American Mideast Scholarship Program is administered wholly by Brooklyn Park University and the scholarship is awarded based on need basis. We give highest number of scholarships to students in the online education domain; approximately 80% of the students applying for the scholarships are approved for it.

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Fee Payment Options
To make life easy for students, Brooklyn Park University has introduced 2 diverse fee payment options to assist you in paying your program fees according to your budget.

a) Upfront Fee Payment
This payment mode allows you to get a fee-cut of up to 14.5% (excluding financial aid) .With the help of this option, if you pay the remaining fees for your program up front, you will get a fee-cut of up to 14.5% (excluding financial aid).

b) Fee Payment in 2 Installments
You may select to pay your complete fee in 2 simple installments. Using this alternative will enable you for to a 7% discount on your complete program fee.