Master's Degree Programs

If you are looking for better avenues of professional growth and development, then you should pursue a master's degree from a reputed, accredited online university. The Brooklyn Park University Master's Degree Program offers you limitless opportunities to broaden your horizons and improve your career prospects. According to Census Bureau statistics, a master's degree holder earns $11,300 more than an average bachelor's degree holder.

At Brooklyn Park University, you are offered 71 different majors in 16 unique departments covering important subjects.

Below is an overview of our Master's Degree program

Programs Requirements
  Scholarship Program Credit Transfer  
Master's Degree Program You may qualify for scholarship program,
almost 90% students do qualify!
All credits will be accepted.

Schools offering Master’s Degree

You can earn your Master’s Degree from our sixteen Schools of study. Our schools have been designed keeping pace with modern trends and needs of the future economies. Earning an Master’s Degree from any of the mentioned schools below will polish your professional skills, allowing you to excel further in your career.

Renowed Schools
Exclusive Schools

School of Engineering

The School of Engineering at Brooklyn Park University has been updated to accommodate all the requirements that today's technologies demand. We will use the conventional as well as online education means to educate students. Brooklyn Park University is giving you the chance of a lifetime to complete your degree online and let you decide whether you want to be an expert engineer.

School of Social Sciences

The School of Social Sciences at Brooklyn Park University was established with the aim of equipping students and professionals with the knowledge and experience to provide individual services that signify the basic reason of our existence. We teach students to be involved in neighborhood partnership, and give academic knowledge to attain communal and financial justice. Our accredited degrees in the field of Social Sciences are in no way inferior to any conventional university, so you will be earning your degree online from the comfort of your home without any hurdles.

School of Applied Arts

Our programs are designed to inculcate a strong knowledge base for a rewarding career in architecture, With 3 different majors in degree, diploma and certificate programs, the School of Applied Arts prepares its graduating students for the ongoing changes and developments in the discipline. Course structure offers a wide-ranging experience and focuses on the overall development of students.

School of Occupational Safety and Fire Sciences

Brooklyn Park University’s School of Occupational Safety and Fire Sciences provide students with the knowledge of standards, codes, and regulations of safety and health incorporated with the principles of fire protection and safety. The course curriculum that is taught is designed to provide students the technical knowledge and skills to assume positions of responsibility within fire departments, while also effectively managing occupational health and safety requirements at any location.

School of Natural Sciences

Brooklyn Park University’s School of Natural Sciences focuses on imparting high quality education by ensuring an environment that is contemporary, challenging, inter-disciplinary and adapted to a rapidly evolving world. Our online accredited degree programs include a range of innovative approaches to teaching, often in partnership with external organizations. Given a better equivalent for these areas, Brooklyn Park University's School of Natural Sciences offers diverse academic programs in environmental sciences, agricultural studies and health science.

School of Performing Arts

Brooklyn Park University’s School of Performing Arts allows potential artists to unleash their talent, expose their artistic skills so that they can embark on a rewarding career. . As the trend is changing, now media and technological industries are closely associated with the media which results in options for advertising and marketing.

The School of Performing Arts offers training and preparation in a range of fields for artists, musicians, music business professionals, and other occupational opportunities in various fields of media, production, broadcasting and even the internet, allowing students to benefit from a rewarding career.

Services Offered to Students:

The career centre guides students on how to make it to the best organizations and establish their careers. The career centre offers the following services:

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Brooklyn Park University provides its online students scholarships in three different categories, depending on their academic background and their consistent performance, being a student of Brooklyn Park University. The scholarships are categorized below:

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Students and Alumni Area of Brooklyn Park University brings together BPU undergraduates, graduate and professional school students, and alumni through leadership, service, mentorship, and social activities, online. Students as well as Alumni provide the wisdom of education, job, and life experience.
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At Brooklyn Park University, students can avail credit transfer facility to advance in their course. The faculty goes through a student’s credentials and grants credit for formal study undertaken in any recognized institution.
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Students enrolling at Brooklyn Park University are provided study material absolutely free of cost. Students receive their textbooks and reference books absolutely free on their online portal as soon as they are registered at an academic program being offered by Brooklyn Park University.
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