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Welcome to Brooklyn Park University, we are an innovative, forward-thinking university with high standards of teaching, research and support.

We are committed to developing lasting relationships with communities, corporations, cultural organizations and our alumni and friends to promote understanding, discussion, access and equity.

We will provide you right tools you need to become a leader because we believe in your potential. And now is the time to unleash it.



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Brooklyn Park University is is committed to providing new opportunities for professionals to learn the latest concepts so they can advance in their careers and become leaders in their fields.

Barlie Dekson is just one example out of millions.

"Earning a MBA degree from Brooklyn Park University acted as a stepping-stone in my career. As it has given me the academic knowledge and credentials to be placed into positions that actually use my skills at the right level in an organization. The quality of a Brooklyn Park degree is virtually unparalleled -- it combines academic rigor with a global and leadership focus.

Today I have this believe that my MBA will allow me to take a more vertical trajectory at work, multiplying my impact as a thought leader, strategic thinker, and manager".

Barlie Dekson
Senior Manager


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Whether you're looking to advance your career or start a new one, Brooklyn Park University gives you what you need to advance in the careers of today and the ones on the horizon.

Online education at Brooklyn Park University is built on the principles of one-on-one support and personal engagement. Our industry relevant online programs can help you advance in some of the most in-demand careers of today, and tomorrow

You have the desire. Brooklyn Park has the expertise. Together, we'll make it a success.


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Debra Dain

Brooklyn Park University is committed to academic excellence and focused on business and the professions.

Arthur Raze

Choosing Brooklyn Park University for my degree program was the best decision of my life.

Tim Harley

Are you curious, creative and eager to explore? So is Brooklyn Park University is the place for you

Christine Jane

I own my career success to Brooklyn Park

Shaun Jade

Brooklyn Park University offer a wide range of high quality courses to enable you to develop skills tailored to your future career.

Walter Brown

Brooklyn Park University gives you the liberty to shape your future in ways you never believed possible

Debra Jack

Brooklyn Park University provides a well-balanced approach to learning, catering to all needs and preferences. Through live and online instruction, we help our students gain an edge in their respective fields.

Sammy Barak

Brooklyn Park University understands the challenges faced by working professionals who want to advance to the next level. Their online programs offers flexibility and convenience, helping you move forward in your field while living your life.



Catherine Jane

Getting an MBA degree from Brooklyn Park University has given me 4 important things in my life.


Both in my skills and knowledge as a business professional, also has helped me to emerge as an intuitive and intelligent leader


After completing my MBA degree my career outcomes and aspirations has become even clearer, and well within my reach.


Gained both knowledge and expertise, as well as the ability to impart that knowledge and guide others with intelligence and consideration.


Engaging with Brooklyn Park means that you are connected to a top-tier network of alumni, businesses and influencers worldwide.
















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